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    CPU Utilization is not displaying correctly (Ciso ISR4451)




      I'm hoping somebody can help me with this, I've been wondering why my Cisco ISR4451 (Cisco IOS Software, ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.5(3)S2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)) is not showing the correct CPU utilization in NPM.  Yesterday, there was an instance wherein the CPU reached 100% but in Orion, it shows only 8-9% peak contrary to what the actual router is saying, for some reason the NHRP process on this router burst maxing the CPU so I needed to reset the process, but I never got an alert in Orion and when I checked in NPM the utilization did not peak to 100% that's why it did not alert. I'm already using the custom device poller on this post: Cisco ASR Showing 95% 98% Memory Used.


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          Anybody who would like to take stab on this? Appreciate any assistance, suggestion or recommendation the community can share.



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            We have this issue in 11.5 and after upgrading to 12 it seems to be fine now.

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              This is a common problem but if you dissect it a little it will make sense

              1. The Cisco graph which is derived from on-board CPU load history shows the spike
              2. The Orion graph which is derived from SNMP gathered history shows a data gap.
              3. When the Cisco device goes to 100% CPU, it's too busy to respond to SNMP queries from Orion and thus there is no data point to graph
              4. When the CPU comes out of 100% utilization, SNMP can reply to Orion and you get data points again


              Observation:  The rising and falling edges of the Orion graph should line up with the device going into and coming out of 100% CPU utilization.

              Observation:  This is not Orion or Cisco version dependent. 


              Solution 1:  Increase the SNMP timeout for polling this device (All devices would be a bad idea).  This MAY give SNMP time to reply to Orion.

              Solution 2:  Write an alert that triggers when a device returning valid data points.  This is the UNKNOWN state.



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