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    NPM server upgrade (windows) path


      In one of my setups, i'm running the following: NPM 11.5.3, SAM 6.2.3, & NTA 4.1.2 on the following servers:

      • Main Server: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (physical server)
      • SQL Server: MSSQL2012SP1 on  Windows Server 2012 (not R2, yuk!) (physical server)
      • APE 1: Windows 2012 R2 (VM)
      • APE 2: Windows 2012 R2 (VM)
      • AWS: Windows 2012 R2 (VM)


      In our NPM 12 upgrade project, I would like to upgrade (at least) our main server to 2012 R2. Based on thwacksters experience, should I first upgrade to NPM12 (+SAM 6.3 & NTA 4.2) first then migrate my main server to 2012 R2, or the opposite? What would be easier and less time consuming?


      For the upgrade, I plan on having a second server built, SolarWinds suite installed, and my IPs switched over between server prior final commissioning of the new server.


      I'm leaning towards doing the upgrade to NPM12 first to have a single version installed on my fresh server but would like to get some input Do not hesitate to point out something that I might have missed.