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    Setting up Nprobe to export netflow data to Orion


      Hello Everyone


      I have been following several blogs about how to do this but having problems with Nprobe.


      Added server and interface that will receive data to Orion

      Installed Nprobe

      Removed the service so i could run in console mode.  Running this in demo mode until I can get it working

      Here is the command i am running

      nprobe /c -i 12 -n -b 1 -u 1 -q 2


      I get interface index 12 out of range.


      I retrieved interface index from from get-netipinterface command or route print.  Both show interface 12.


      I read somewhere to try interface name but seemed to pick interface at random.  


      This system has 4 nics but will only mirroring data to one NIC.