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    Filtering Interfaces in the Discovery (FINALLY!)


      So this is something that I am incredibly excited about! We finally have the ability to tell a discovery to skip those annoying WAN Miniport interfaces! Here's what it looks like:



      My question is - How do the options in the dropdown work? For the "does not contain any keywords" option, do you separate keywords by commas, spaces, etc? If you use spaces, save the settings, then go back in, it replaces them with %20 which makes me think they need to be separated by commas instead. Can someone explain the difference between "any" and "all" in this context?

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          Has no one figured this out yet? Filtering would be great but it doesn't seem to actually work for me.

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              Had to open a support ticket a while back to find out how to get this done. What worked for me was


              1. Delimiter was the vertical bar. On my keyboard, it's above the Enter key.
              2. Second, instead of filtering on Interface Name, I had to use Interface Description
              3. Instead of using keywords, I had to use regular expressions. Therefore I had to use one of the last two options from the dropdown menu.


              Like the OP, when I went back to check the filter, it replaces the delimiter with its HTML character code equivalent, in hex. I just cancelled out of that window and moved on. Seems to be working so far. Hope this helps.

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              So I realize I am 2 1/2 years late to this post, but I ran into this yesterday. Your picture helped me so I would like to help you.


              The "%20" is the HTML code for a space. When you save the discovery and open it back up again the website is translating that space into "%20". Then when you run the discovery with the %20 the filter will no longer match. If you save the discovery again then open it back up you will see that "25" has been added in front of "20". "%25" is the HTML code for "%". The website will then keep adding "25" to the front each time you save and reopen the discovery.


              The workaround is to open up the discovery and remove the "%20" and "25" from the lines then save it. The discovery then function as normal until you open it up again. Each time you open the discovery for editing you will need to remove the "%20".


              A Solarwinds engineer is aware of this and he is filing the bug report.


              I hope this helps.


              If this works for you please mark your issue as solved.

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