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    How to monitor number of VMs in a folder?


      We have an automated system that creates VMs in a particular folder.  I would like to be able to monitor the number of VMs in that folder every few hours or so.  In VMAN, I can see the total number of VMs across my environment, but I haven't figured out how to filter on a particular vCenter and folder.  Any help would be appreciated.




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          you can search for VMs by a vm.folder.name attribute (and/or by cluster.name, host.name if there's the same folder name in other vCenters). How to do that? By Trends or Alerts.

          A) Trends (VMs per Folder)

          - perform a search query: vm.folder.name:* (or vm.folder.name:Folder_name to get VMs from a particular Folder_name folder only) and press "Trend Results" button

          - if you specified the folder name then just save the newly created trend. Otherwise set Segmentation to /virtualMachine/folder/name.

          And here's result:


          Note: Trends are evaluated every four hours. If you want to change the interval then it's necessary to change the Hourly Interval for Trend Execution property in Setup - Advanced Setup - System Properties menu.


          Similarly you can create a new alert. Feel free to ask for further help.

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