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    The case for the Windows Agent over ICMP/WMI


      Is there a good reference that covers the pros and cons of Agent-based monitoring?



      From the NPM Admin Guide





      When host and applications are behind firewall NAT or proxies


      Polling node and applications across multiple discrete networks that have overlapping IP address space


      Secure encrypted polling over a single port is required


      Support for low bandwidth, high latency connections


      Polling nodes across domains where no domain trusts have been established

      I'm looking for performance / other attributes , such as


      Offload work from polling engines, perhaps reducing the # polling engines needed.

      Easier to manage from a network security ( firewall ) perspective

      ...does it make SAM templates easier to use?  There are few problematic templates such as AppInsight for SQL and Exchange where I'm troubleshoot access and configuration issues. If an agent alleviates them, I'd  install it immediately.


      Need to install on each system

      Local CPU/Memory usage

      ...other negatives?

      Basically a sales pitch to convince myself or my superiors that using the WIndows agent has a good return on investment. I encounter cross-domain trust issues, internal firewall rules, software (windows , iptables ) firewall rules, every day. Anything 


      I cannot wait until SAM 6.3 introduces the Linux Agent.