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    UDT reliability / scalability real life ?


      Hi. We are about ready to pull the plug on Cisco prime completely. We're trying to manage a very large network and the dissatisfaction with prime transcends versions all the way back to Ciscoworks 2k We've been on multiple calls at the BU level over the last few years and they still can't stabilize it. One of the things that used to be pretty useful in that toolset that DID work most of the time was the device tracker that we used to find the switchport to make changes, etc.


      As I've posted before on Thwack, we have many stand alone instances (12-15) of the Orion suite across the country that we're close to consolidating down to 3 regional instances. We typically use most of the network-centric modules and do have NCM. We have, however never purchased UDT.


      So my question is quite simple.. For those that have UDT deployed on large scale, how do you like it? Stability / scalability, etc. Of course I've seen the numbers in the guide. Looking for real-world feedback. In particular our regionalized instances will be built out with all flash storage for sql, mega IOPs 9 additional pollers each (fairly maxed) etc. I'm curious how much additional load UDT adds to pollers that are already not loafing.. Those kind of things.


      Thanks for any experience that you can share regarding UDT reliablity / scalability and even usefulness I suppose. It's one of the last road blocks to eliminating Prime in our environment..