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    12.0.1 target date?


      At the risk of sounding like "that guy" there is a belief some people have with Windows for example "never upgrade until service pack 1" and all will be right in the world.  Others have had headache after headache after upgrading Solarwinds before, and want to make sure they avoid that going forward.  I would just like to know how far along are we from 12.0.1 roughly?  1 week?  1 month?  1 year?  I would hate to upgrade next week to find the five days later 12.0.1 comes out.


      If no one wants to give an estimate, then can someone at least say bare minimum amount of time where the answer can be like two months or something and that way I know there won't be an upgrade for 2 months and can safely upgrade to 12.0.0 now and you can take 2 years and still not be wrong.  Sorry if I am being weird but I have an 8 server environment and we are looking at expanding the use of Solarwinds in my organization and I'd hate to open it up and do training and everything and 2 weeks later do training all over again because UI changed, or upgrade now so I only need to train once to find all these bugs and that 12.0.1 comes out the very next week that fixes them.