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    Updating Node Statuses Via Database


      Hi all,



      This is my first post here on THWACK, but I have been on occasional reader for awhile now. I am trying to figure out how to update multiple node's statuses through updating the NodesData and NodesCustomProperties tables living on the SolarWindsOrion database. I am updating the following in the NodesData table with SQL :



      UnManaged = 1

      UnManageFrom = DATE & TIME

      UnManageUntil = DATE & TIME

      GroupStatus = 'Unmanaged.gif'

      StatusDescription = 'Node status is Unmanaged.'

      Status = 9

      StatusLED = 'Unmanaged.gif'



      I have been playing with data in a test environment, but I am unable to test these updates in our production database in fear I may hose something up. I am a sure the SQL I am using now works fine; I am just unable to see how the UI displays this information. If I want to bulk unmanage nodes via the SW DB, what all tables would I have to update, and is there any services that would just go back and undo my updates?



      Thank you,