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    Stop logging AV checks


      I assume this has been answered before, but I'm new to everything Solarwinds.  We have 14 nodes, and those nodes consume 2TB of transaction logs every 4 weeks.  I have notice a HUGE number of C:\Windows\Temp\NOD###?.tmp being created and deleted, kind of like ESET is creating a file to check the file for every single file that is looked at/opened.  How would one place an exception for C:\Program Files (x86)\ESET\ekrn.exe which creates and deletes these files?  We don't want to track this stuff, and we get about 40 million a day.  I'm assuming our 2TB will then be more than sufficient to add our other servers to.  I'm sorry for being a nub/noob/dweerp. 


      Second question,  Where is a good resource for someone who has been thrown into this?  Someone who is working 90 hrs/week with limited time to research this answer on my own?