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    Solarwinds redesign


      ps - I apologise for my terrible drawings.


      So I am building a new solarwinds site. One that has a lot more (I hope) resilience.  Our current setup looks like this:



      We have a few nodes being monitored (about 2,500) so I think from a cost perspective (the company aren't made of money) I would also like to make something that's better and more cost effective than what we currently have.

      It's simple a solarwinds server with a SQL database connected to it and then all data is sent to one site.  I am thinking that if that site goes down, or the unforeseen happens and we lose all connection to the data centre, then simply nothing is going to be monitored (it hasn't failed so far, but this kit is quite old)


      Nb - the metrodatacentre is based at two sites, but solarwinds sees it a one site.


      I would like to have something like this, but feel that I would need maybe two or three extra pollers, which would increase costs and not be required which is what I do not want to do.



      Is it a case that I have to keep with the current design, or can I add resilience to my companies monitoring?


      Any help is much appreciated.