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    LEM and USB defender on surface book


      I've been testing LEM and USB defender on my MS Surface book with Virtual Box and have been enjoying the experience the trial is providing.


      The USB defender works well on my Surface book as a test denying access to a USB CD/DVD drive whilst white listing a secure pen drive. Happy days

      However when I extend this setting to a local policy (text list) I lose my Surface networking (its on a dock) but not WIFI. This coincides with starting the USB Local Policy via LEM, at the moment I'm certain this is because the surface uses a dock via the power lead and must be associated as a USB device. The only way to restore networking is to either disable the SW agent and USB defender and reboot.


      I'm interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this issue.


      Question is though why didn't this disable networking on LEM with detach USB as this wasn't in the white list as well?