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    Action rules on Multiple Choice items?




      We have a custom field for WHD called Equipment.  It's a multiple choice field with, at least for now, only two choices - PC and Phone.  You don't have to check either of them, you could check one or the other, or you could check them both.


      This field is used on the access tickets we generate for our new hires. 


      When we grant all of the access on the ticket, the ticket is closed and action rules are supposed to create child tickets that would have someone build a PC and/or set up a phone for the new hire. 


      The action rules are stacked, one on top of the other, in the rule's list and they are both flagged as cascading.  If you choose only PC and close the access ticket, the PC child ticket gets created.  If you choose only Phone and close the access ticket, the Phone child ticket gets created.  If you choose both, however, neither of the child tickets gets created.


      This is how I have the two Action Rules set up.

      Action Rule Info - Enabled, Cascading On, Evaluates criteria on all ticket updates, applies action only if criteria didn't match before the ticket was updated.

      Criteria - The request type must be Access, the status of the ticket must be closed, and the custom field "Equipment" is "Computer" (the ticket for phone says custom field "Equipment" is "Phone")

      The action - kicks off a task that we already know works because, as I stated, each of these action rules works if you choose only one piece of equipment (PC or Phone); it just doesn't work if you choose both.


      I even created a third rule that would have kicked off both tasks (one for phone and one for PC) if the "Equipment" is "Computer and if the "Equipment" is "Phone".  I tried to use those criteria in the "matching ALL of these conditions" but that didn't work so I tried again with them in the "and ANY of these conditions" and it still would not work.


      Have any of you had any success getting multiple action rules to run on a multiple choice list like this?





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          I should also point out that this process used to work for us.  I was just doing some research and found tickets that were working this time last year.  I found a ticket number 136 that was flagged for both PC and Phone.  When the ticket was closed, I see that the action rules for both PC and Phone ran created two child tickets - 139 for the PC and 140 for the Phone.  I guess this stopped working after an update, but I have no way of proving that.  While we have created and modified other action rules over the last many months, it's very rare that we do so and the action rules in question haven't been touched.  Crazy.

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            Has there been any update on when this issue will be fixed.  I just realized this seriously broke several of my action rules.