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    NPM 12 upgrade issue


      Hi all


      I have orion server which has 5 modules installed(npm 11.5.2, sam 6.2.1, ncm 7.4, nta 4.1.1, and vnqm 4.2). some time last year I had SRM trial installed on the same server, then I later removed it. so last week I tried running an upgrade to latest modules(NPM 12,SAM etc,.), then the upgrade advisor refused me to install new product upgrades. it somehow detects SRM module with my other known 5 modules on the server and it wants me to upgrade SRM to latest version before installing latest modules . I then uninstalled all the modules, ran the installation again, but still the upgrade advisor detected SRM and VNQM this time. when I go back to control panel, I can see VNQM is back again, when I try to uninstall VNQM it takes me to: windows\sysWOW64\.


      please assist