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    FTP Voyager produces lots of empty xml-Files and other stuff in ..\Temporary Internet Files\




      we use FTP Voyager Scheduler on Windows 7 (64 Bit). The program produces lots of empty xml files in c:\users\...\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files which jam the harddisk. Lots of means 10.000 and more files per day.

      The Scheduler operates 2 tasks, one of them runs every 10 minutes. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program - but with no effect.

      While we used FTP Voyager Scheduler on a WinXP-machine, we didn't have this problem.

      Some weeks ago we tried to operate the scheduler as service, but this did'nt work as expected, so we stopped that. Could this cause the misfunction? But ... the service not active and not listed in the services-overview.


      And what do I have to do to stop this?


      Any suggestions?