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    Rockwell Automation and NPM / SAM / NTA


      Working at a cement plant give a unique set of challenges.  Recently I was asked if Solarwinds can communicate with a system like Rockwell and aid us in monitoring Plant Processes.  Does Solarwinds Orion offer any type of OPC connectors or do you have any MIBS for Siemens, Allen Bradley, and other PLC components? 


      We are going to setup a DMZ between our plant process control network and the enterprise network, with the desire to rather than spend a ton of money with a separate product just to send us text alerts, I suggested we try Solarwinds. 


      Challenges, need to report on Plant processes in real time and have accurate readings of when items are down and restarted. - Should be no problem for SolarWinds.  Currently We run Rockwell Automation with mostly Allen Bradley PLC's and they use an OPC connector to its communication over IP networks. 


      Has anyone done this?

      Can it be done?

      Is there a developer at SolarWinds that knows what an OPC is?

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          This is something we've researched in the past and are looking at more and more as industrial IoT continues to grow.  We don't currently support OPC in our products.  I know there are some OPC/SNMP proxies that are available, have you looked into any of those?  I'm adding one of our Engineers who has investigated OPC and IIoT to this thread as he might want to add something or ask you some additional questions.





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            We are looking at ways to best serve our customers who are using OPC devices. I have had some conversations with customers who are using Kepware products to bridge the OPC and SNMP worlds. Some of them are having success with this set up but SolarWinds is not partnering with any companies at this point nor do we have any recommended solutions.

            Questions for you and the community in general are:

            what devices are you planning to monitor?

            What statistics on those devices are important?

            What sort of data analysis are you looking for on the data from those devices? e.g. simple threshold alerting, trending, anomaly detection

            What sort of visualizations are you looking for? e.g. charts and tables, relationship graphs, industrial like consoles


            Thanks for any information you can give so that we can move towards a SolarWinds solution to help you with all your monitoring needs.