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    How does Raw netflow data is stored in SQL database




      I would like to know how the netflow data is stored in SQL DB server.


      i have 4 nodes in added in orion console NPM and all four devices sending raw netflow data to my solarwind orion server. i would like to know how this data is stored in SQL DB server which is setup on different server.


      my estimation is that the data would be of 60 gigabytes per month of netflow raw data, how much would the database grow on size with this?

      i want to figure out how much i can grow in the database before hitting any size issue. I guess that we are not storing the raw data in the database, just the metrics.





      Relay server:

      Would like to know what is the possibilities of putting a relay server on front of the firewalls so Solarwind can collect the data from those relays servers instead of from the firewalls directly. Those servers would be Linux servers.



      can anyone provide me useful link or explanation?



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          If you are installing the current version of NTA then first of all the netflow data (most of it at least) is not stored in the SQL db, you set up a different server to house a separate non-sql NTA fastbit database.  If you are sending 60 gb of netflow data per month and plan to retain a month of data then you can likely expect your NTA db to be pretty close to that size, most clients I work with have NTA db's in the 25-100 gb range.  Raw netflow data is already relatively stripped down and is mostly metrics to begin with.


          2 Since NTA is a Netflow collector you can relay your flows pretty much anywhere you want, as long as something forwards them to Solarwinds without hacking up the data in the packets.


          -Marc Netterfield

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