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    SystemUpTime in NodesStatistics


      Anyone know what value Systemuptime is ?  seconds, mins, hours ?

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          TL;DR: Hundredths of a second


          sysUpTime OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX      TimeTicks
              MAX-ACCESS  read-only
              STATUS      current
                      "The time (in hundredths of a second) since the
                      network management portion of the system was last
              ::= { system 3 }

          note the key here is TimeTicks which defines the format of the object -- which sysUptime comments is in Hundredths of a second


          the SYNTAX for MIB objects should be flly described in the SMI MIB:

          (unless a vendor decides to extend the syntax, which is OK, but challenging for generic management applications to deal with)


          -- hundredths of seconds since an epoch
          TimeTicks ::=
              [APPLICATION 3]
                  IMPLICIT INTEGER (0..4294967295)


          note the TimeTicks says 'an epoch' rather than 'The Epoch' [which is grok as 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000]


          Some systems don't allow the full range of TimeTicks values, with the results that some of our switches report a reboot unexpectedly which causes a mild panic until we realize they didn't actually reboot in the middle of the day.

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