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    Current CPU utilization


      I have to use swisclient to get the current CPU from a multicpu device.  I can't find in the schema where to get that.  I can get min/max/avg but not current from Orion.CPUMultiLoad.  The CPULoad in Orion.Nodes looks like an average of all CPU's.   We are on NPM 10.6


      Thanks in advance.

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          I think what you are looking for is in the CPUMultiLoad_Detail, CPUMultiLoad_Hourly, and CPUMultiLoad_Daily tables and it's broken out by the CPU index number.


          I hope this helps!

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            What is the device?  If the device you're polling doesn't have the standard MIBs you may have to create a custom poller.

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              You are correct that the CPULoad in Orion.Nodes is an average of all CPUs.


              To get the current, or current as of the last polling cycle, from Orion.CPUMultiLoad, just select the max TimeStampUTC for each CPUIndex/NodeID combination.  It doesn't matter if you use the min, max, or avg column as for each polling cycle, the value will be the same across all three columns.  Those columns will start to differ when you get into historical hourly and daily data, though.  But, for your case, since you are just looking for current data, it doesn't matter.