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    Solarwinds products and Java: Which ones require Java?


      Is there a list or "known" SolarWinds products that require Java, or, does anyone know if the below products require an independent Java install (e.g. a Java interpreter is *not* built into the install.  These typically do not show up as an "installed program" in the Windows OS)?


      Currently we have these  products on a server: SolarWinds

           Orion Platform 2014.2.1,

           SAM 6.1.1

           QoE 1.0

           IPAM 4.

           NCM 7.2.2

           NPM 11.0.1

           UDT 3.1.0

           IVIM 1.10

           Toolset v11.0,1

           TFTP Server

           SCP Server

           Orion Network Atlas 1.12.1007

           Mobile Admin 8.0.247329.0

           FSM Server 6.5-671


      Background: I have a system with a version of Java that's been bugging me to upgrade Java...but I'm not sure which (if any) of the SolarWinds products may have at one time installed/required the version of Java that was put there.  In the past we have installed and removed several products from this server (like Web Help Desk and others that are not from SolarWinds) so we have some cruft on this system that I'd like to either upgrade (NPM) or remove (hopefully Java)