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    auto dependency logic


      Hi guys


      Just a question about the auto dependency logic. At the moment we add the router by its loopback address which is a 172.x.x.x address and we have inpath riverbeds, switches, and ups's all running on a management vlan ip range of 10.x.x.x etc.


      at the moment the auto dependency looks something like this


      parent                      child

      distribution switch -> router

                                   -> access switch/'s


      -riverbed not linked

      -ups not linked


      our network logic would flow something like this:


      router -> riverbed -> distribution switch -> access switch

                                                                     -> ups


      is there anyway to customise the auto dependency structure to follow our network layout without having to do it all manually?



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          I have ran into the same problem more or less.

          At our side the problem was caused by our Coreswitch (nexus9000) which is not polled correctly and thus not showing any dependencies.


          I don't think there is much to change regarding the auto dependencies.


          We have started working with groups instead of the dependencies.

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            I have dealt with a similar issue. I solved it by created groups starting from the last items in the dependency chain and moved up. I now have groups for everything except our router and core switch at each remote site. I then setup dependencies between the groups up the the core switch. At that point the auto dependency figured everything else out (router ->core switch; most of the data center, and central office). I think if I was monitoring more interfaces to allow for better topology mapping it my have worked better out of the box though.


            In short find where the layer of confusion is and try making that static and allow the rest to auto calculate. If you have to create a lot I always recommend Pulover's Macro Creator to help with the tedium that is data entry in SolarWinds. Its easy to use, free, and can save a lot of time if you take an hour or 2 to learn its features. Let me know if you have any issues

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