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    Track IT Projects


      Hello all. I see there have been a few posts about tracking IT Projects but I don't see a definitive answer to this request. Is there a way to track IT Projects?

      Here are the posts I am referring to:




      Thank you for any help you can give - EDwelly

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          You can accomplish this with parent/child relationships. Create a parent ticket for your overall project. Create child tickets, linked to the parent ticket, for each stage or task of the project.

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              Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your suggestion. While this is a work around, I really don't understand why most ticket systems do not include the option for Projects. It doesn't seem like it would be something that hard to do. Just another option like Incident or Problem.

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                Hi there,


                Forgive my ignorance, but how do you create this parent and child relationships?

                I know this can be achieved by marking the parent ticket as a "Problem" and the child tickets as "Incidents".  However, Is there a way to do it on "Service Request"?


                Appreciate your assistance.

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                  I am also interested in how to manage this. Where do you link tickets parent/child?

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                      You go into a a ticket.   The ticket you go into will be the CHILD ticket when we're done.

                           side note:  I believe it needs to have a Ticket Type of "Service Request" - not an "Incident" or "Problem"


                      Once in the ticket, look up on the upper right. 

                      There is a little sideways "Requests" option up there...click that, then hit "search" and it will show you a list of other tickets.

                      Click the "Link" button for the ticket that you want to be the Parent.

                      Save the ticket.

                      Now, from within either ticket you can see the relationship - there will be a little section for "Linked Parent Ticket" or "Linked Child Tickets" depending on which one you are in.



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