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    Need a backout plan prior to upgrading to NPM 12


      Hi Everyone,


      We are planning to upgrade to NPM 12 soon. It will be several versions higher than we currently have. The issue is that we can't come up with a back out plan, and can't proceed without one. We use NPM to monitor our virtual environment, so it is on a physical server. Our backups are on a file level, so we can't restore the server if there's an issue. One mistake and the server would need to be rebuilt. I had some ideas that were already shot down by our server admins. (I've added them below) If anyone has any ideas it would be a great help.



      1. Would it be possible to PTV the server prior to the upgrade, and then if the upgrade went wrong, we could run Orion off the virtual server while the physical server is being rebuilt? I understand we need it as a physical server, but I think running it virtually for a week or so carries less risk.
      2. Could we build a new server prior to the upgrade and use a product such as Acronis’s true image to create a snapshot of the server and write to a second server, preforming the upgrade on that server?
      3. Could we do a new installation of NPM 12 on a new server and then transfer our data over?

      Response from server admin:


      P2Ving the server is always a possibility.  But there will be data loss from the time it is P2V’s to the time it is restored.  P2Ving the server is not a valid back out plan.  I would consult Solarwinds to find out what their back out plan is for a failed upgrade.   Building a new server beforehand is not an option.  (Due to time and resources)


      Basically, option 3 is the best we have at the moment.