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    newbie question about Storage Resource monitor and Storage manager




      I inherited the admin of this product when someone left the company..

      I am confused about the difference between Storage Resource monitor and Storage manager versions??

      I have attached a screen grab of the versions but it looks like I am running Storage Manager V6.2.1 but I am also, seemingly, running something called Storage Resource Monitor (profiler module)?? I am having trouble distinguishing between the 2 and what the connection is. I am also not sure what version I can update to as I see a V6.2.3 profiler Agent and Profiler server download?? I also see a SolarWinds-SRM-V6.3.0-Full download which is about 1.3GB??


      So what is the relation between Storage resource and Storage manager and what version can/should I try and upgrade to??


      thank you in advance for any info

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          We have two storage monitoring products:

          1. The older Storage Resource Monitor Profiler Module, a.k.a. Storage Manager (STM). Both screenshots above are from this product. The latest version is 6.2.3 and you can upgrade to it from 6.2.1. See release notes here: Solar Winds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) Profiler Module 6.2.3 Release Notes.
          2. The newer Storage Resource Monitor Orion Module. Latest version 6.3. Orion is our platform where we want to have all the products and where we prioritize our implementation efforts. It turned out to be a better option to develop an Orion-based storage monitoring product from scratch rather than trying to integrate the old SRM Profiler (STM) with Orion.


          • The storage arrays supported are slightly different for both products: Storage devices supported
          • There are also some differences in metrics monitored for various devices. In some cases, SRM Profiler gives you more details. In the long-term, we want SRM Orion to have the same level of details.
          • Some features of SRM Profiler are available in existing Orion products like NPM (SAN switch monitoring), VIM (virtualization monitoring), or SAM (application monitoring). We do not plan to add these capabilities to SRM Orion now.
          • SRM Orion is the one where you can expect the majority of new enhancements.
          • In general, SRM Orion consumes less computing power and scales much better.
          • SRM Orion can be integrated with other Orion-based products like VIM and SAM to help you troubleshoot issues in your (virtualized) environment (keyword: AppStack).
          • With SRM Orion you can enjoy rich functionality of Orion alerting and reporting engines.


          You can run both products with the same license, i.e. if you run SRM Profiler (STM) and want to try SRM Orion, you don't have to buy anything else.