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    Always on Availability Groups Data Points


      Hey SQL Server DBAs, I've got some questions that I'm looking for data points on:


      • How many primary AGs do you typically run in a given instance? Are we talking 1 or 2 or do you tend to load up primary AGs?
      • Would you rather monitor your AG via the AG listener with the ability to follow in the event of a failover or register all of the instances an AG could run on and get a more complete picture (including any activity on read-only environments)?
      • Would you be OK with additional overhead from duplicate monitoring with the trade-off of being able to follow the primary in the case of a failover?


      Thanks in advance! Mandevil

        • Re: Always on Availability Groups Data Points
          • I have three AGs across three nodes, 1 primary on each
          • Yes, I would rather monitor the listener, although I am not resource constrained today but read-only secondary monitoring might be applicable in the future
          • The last question depends on what the additional overhead really is...would it actually impact performance? If a trace was used for monitoring then no, I would not want that additional overhead. Something agentless that does a quick query would probably be ok
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