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    Alert Active Time + Trigger Time


      My supervisor sent out an email (I’ve attached a partial screenshot below), but I think he’s mistaken about the trigger time being the last time we received the alert. I was thinking active time would continue accruing until the alert is acknowledged, and no more alerts for that node would be sent out until that happens. I was hoping someone could clarify this for me. I apologize for the giant blue stamps, our company is a little touchy when it comes to our core network.


      A big Thank You to anyone that can help answer this.


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          Trigger time is when the event initially happened in Orion, regardless of email alerts.  Active time is how much time has passed from the trigger time until present time.  If you want to see how many times alert triggered, you can click on the alert name on the left and go to the active alert details page, and you can see History of this alert on this object:



          If you do not see this, depending on the version you are running, you can click on the top right page to customize and add this:


          Click on the green plus arrow to add it:


          As far as making alerting stop upon acknowledgement, that is something you can set in the alert itself.  You can change frequency of alerting until acknowledged, and stop alerts once acknowledged.  If you go to edit alert, trigger actions, edit, navigate to execution settings:



          Keep in mind the alert can reset and that means your trigger time/active time if you have to reboot the server(s) for maintainance, your orion server and sql server, for example.

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