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    Trap Authentication Errors From  Sourced from the Nodes second IP


      Hi, I receive the SNMPv2-MIB:authenticationFailure trap messages for Cisco switches.  I've noticed it occurs more on the devices with more than one /30 IP address used for point to point connections. 


      For instance, the switch IPs in the Node Details lists are: (polling IP)


      The trap authenticationFailure arrives from  While receiving true trap messages for the device works.

      Wireshark shows the correct Community Strings being passed. 


      Cisco config snippet


      logging trap warnings

      logging facility local1

      logging source-interface Vlan340

      logging host

      snmp-server trap-source Vlan340

      snmp-server host informs version 2c Creek


      If I place the device in unmanaged state the trap message authentication **** stops.


      Thank you kindly for any helpful feedback!