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    Reporting - Volume Trends -


      I have created a large report on Average Disk usage with the Web Reporting feature.  I am trying to avoid the report writer as we are trying to move away from it. My question and I have two. 


      1) When I pull the data for the disks I get the memory, and virtual memory along with it.  Is there anyway to separate that.


      Here is a sample of what it's pulling


      as we want to remove the physical memory and virtual memory from the report but can't seem to.


      2) We would also like it to show trends something simple as a Rate of Change or months to reach % used would be nice.


      Thank you for any insight on this matter. 

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          1 You can filter out the memory stats by limiting the datasource to volumetype like 'fixed%'


          2 There is already a days til full calculated by Orion, but it is stored in a section of the database that the GUI doesnt let you easily link in the reports.  Pulling those in with the GUI would probably be easiest if you make a second table and for the data source choose Forecast Capacities instead of volumes.  Then trim it down similarly to what I have here


          I find the results of that table to be less than ideal without further work but anything better requires writing something up in SWQL.  Hopefully that at least lets you know where to look and you can build up what you need from there.


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