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    Rename "Help Request" and add additional info to client landing page




      Is there a custom label or a means to rename the "Help Request" form title on the client landing page.  We use the system more for service requests so the title doesn't really work.


      Additionally, is there a way to add more information to the page in general.  We would like to put in some contact information and a disclaimer message.


      Any advice gladly taken.



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          Hi there,


          We have been able to re-label the "Help Request" title by changing the "bl.helpRequest" text in our "CustomLabels.properties" (located in Webhelpdesk\conf\labels).  If you don't have a CustomLabels file you can create one by following the directions  in the "Labels.properties" file.


          I.e. lbl.helpRequest = New IT Request


          I believe you have to restart WHD for changes to come into effect.


          As to adding additional information I haven't found a way to do this.  I agree it would be useful.  We wanted to add a contact tel number and a few links to our SLA and catelogue documents but outside the use of FAQ's i couldn't see a way to do this.  My biggest dissappointment with WHD is the lack of customisation for the landing page.  There should be quick links to open tickets and a message area as opposed to having this in different tabs that force users to go looking.


          Have fun.

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              A couple of comments and suggestions:


              • If you, as a Tech, add a Message into the system, when a Client user logs in to the web portal, if they haven't already seen that message they will get directed straight to the Messages tab and will be shown the New Messages sub-tab.   If they've already seen the Message, they will default to the 'normal' behavior of going straight to the ticket submission tab.



              • If you want to display general information to the users before they log in you can do that by editing the Login Message under Setup -> General -> Authentication.
                That will look like this on the login page: 



              • One other option if you need to present information on the page while the user submits the ticket is to edit the Detailed Instructions field for each Request Type.  That would be a lot of work, but it might get you what you want... like this: