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    Ruckus Zonedirector not showing Thin APs connected to the WLC


      I have a Ruckus ZD5100 with zf7055 Ruckus APs connected to it, I have about 300 aps connected to this ZD. I have multiple tickets opened for this issue. We have been working with solarwinds closely but it is still not resolved. I am on NPM 11.5.3, IVIM 2.1.1, This is the only site that we are having problems with. I dont know what would cause this. The WLC is on build 205

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          I'm having the same issue, but for only one of the Ruckus ZoneDirectors.

          I have a Zonedirector 1200 (v9.9.0.0 build 216) in one site that is coming up correctly with the Thin APs and all the client information.

          Another Zonedirector 1200 (v9.9.0.0 build 216) in another site that is not showing the thin APs.


          they both discover properly with the same OID, they automatically select the approprate Wireless controller view and they are both configured exactly the same as far as I can see. But no AP or client information on one of them.

          These have been up and running for over a week now, I've done several rediscovers but still nothing.


          Any help in next steps for troubleshooing would be awesome.