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    No external hops showing in NetPath


      We've just upgraded to NPM12 and I've been pushing how great NetPath is to everyone on the team.

      Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any external hops on the Network Paths I've set up.

      These examples are both external websites, accessible by anyone.

      I don't think it's down to our access provider, as the sites I'm trying to get to aren't hosted by them.


      I'm guessing it's probably something firewall related, any ideas anyone?


      I'd be interested to see what other users see if they do a NetPath to them.



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          Not sure if your question has already been answered or not being that it's been 5 months.  I had this exact same issue during Beta and it turned out that our security team was for some mysterious reason blocking port 43.

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            In my instance with the VPN problem, I selected port 22 (SSH) and changed no other firewall rules.  But I DID choose to discover the path to the remote VPN appliance's external address instead of an internal one, and I DID force the routing to go out a different firewall--which shares the same external subnet for my organization, which kept the comparison as apples-to-apples.  No special rules for ICMP 11 or TCP 43 or 17778 were required to be created just for this.  I've not done packet captures on the outside of that second firewall to verify that these packets/protocols are NOT in play--I can only say I didn't have to build anything new on the firewall to get NetPath running successfully with port 22.

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              Cracked it!

              Just needed to allow ICMP time-exceeded back through the firewall to the polling engine, and now it's all working fine!