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    Maps ?


      I am getting ready to embark on some very time consuming map creation.  I have noticed that Network Atlas can run extremely slow at times even when the server has ample CPU and RAM.  Does anyone have any advice or tips they can provide in order to create the best maps in the least amount of time ?

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          My users and I face the same issue.

          Loading of ATLAS is extremely slow (at least 45 sec.).

          Updating heavy maps with vast of nodes takes forever.

          And work, all over, is delayed.

          The described here is true for both, local installed and RDP use of the application.

          I appreciate it if anyone will spare some tips?

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              same here.


              The only thing I have found that helps (not very much, but some) is to login to atlas with an Orion account, not AD. Other than that, we are all in the same boat.


              Please revamp Atlas. Complete overhaul. it is just too clunky. It really seems like the red headed step child of the whole suite.

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