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    Unable to send alerts to any email to txt


      I've been running out of ideas so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about this problem. I think prior to the NPM 12 upgrade we had several alerts that would email me and send a text out to my boss using xxxxxxxxx@vtext.com. After the upgrade, as well as others in my dept have said they haven't been receiving any txt messages about issues. I was on support with Solarwinds with a tech and they told me there wasn't any issues with our solarwinds installation. We went into telnet from our server and sent a test email from there to a cell, and that worked. We tested an email from from Exchange and it was able to go out to the cell also. I've been trying to look around my settings and couldn't find any issues, so i'm slowly running out of ideas, any suggestions?

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          I figured out our issue. It was caused by an incorrect sender email. A while back we had switched the email of Solarwinds's sending address in the default field and seen below.



          However, it doesn't push the changes to any of the old alerts, so I needed to change the sender address under each and every one of the alert triggers.




          Which took care of the issue Rookie mistake on my part.

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