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    Orion advanced reporting with SQL SWQL DBQ

    gildas declercq

      Hi all,


      I am going crazy.

      I can't find "Orion" in products.

      Anyway in my case it is more related to VMAN


      I see that I can do some good reports with Orion.

      I want to replace those from Vman and do better.


      But I can't find a documentation, I try with existing alerts and reports but it is not enough to get all the possible parameters like in the following


      SELECT vm.Name, vm.GuestState, vm.MemUsage, vm.CpuLoad, vm.OldestSnapshotDate, vm.TotalStorageSizeUsed, vm.SnapshotSummaryCount,  vm.PlatformID, vm.Status, vm.DetailsUrl, vm.Host.HostName, vm.Host.Cluster.Name AS ClusterName

      FROM Orion.VIM.VirtualMachines vm

      WHERE DayDiff(vm.OldestSnapshotDate, getUtcDate()) > 7


      I want to avoir to post a question for each reports I need.

      Who can lead me to a good source?


      thanks and regards