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    Installing a NetPath Probe at a Client Site


      Has anyone attempted or been successful in creating a NetPath probe at a client site with the NetPath service pointing back to Orion? During the NetPath live stream yesterday, it was indicated to me that this was possible, but I have yet to get it to work. A client site where I would want to install this would not typically be part of my network or under my direct supervision, so I would not be able to push an install from Orion. Ideally, it would use an active agent to avoid having to deal with ports on the firewall.


      I have managed to run some tests from remote sites where I do have some control. In those tests I have successfully performed a manual install of the Orion agent in both Active and Passive configurations and even opened the firewall at the remote site to TCP ports 17778 and 17790. These agents do show up in Orion as active agents and do create Nodes, but they do not show up in the dropdown list as an available NetPath probe. If you try to create a new probe using one of these agents, it returns an error stating that either the credentials are wrong or that an agent with that node name, host name or IP address already exists.





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          Have you checked NetPath plugin is installed on that agent? Settings > All Settings > Manage Agents > More Actions > View Plugin Report.


          Also make sure you use Orion Primary IP (IP displayed in node management) when you create new NetPath Probe.

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              Thank you Lan Li. Using the Orion Primary IP address of the Node where the agent was installed did the trick.


              I might have discovered this sooner on my own, but I had edited the node properties and changed the IP. The server I installed the agent on is dual homed. The IP address that the Orion agent picked up was the IP that's on a private VLAN used to connect to an iSCSI SAN. I had changed it to the server's data NIC IP. After reading your post, it occurred to me that maybe Orion still considered the iSCSI VLAN IP as the primary IP. Once I used that IP when creating the probe, voila!



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              Hi Guys


              I've manually deployed the agent on the client machine and set it up so the server can initiate a connection to an agent on port 1222. When I add agent on the Agent management. I'm successfully able to connect and all plugin looks and green. Although When I tried to create new service under NetPath for the following service and I can't see new created remote agent in the list of Probe dropdown. I can see Agent is polling to primary server as well. I'm I missing something please help





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