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    UDT polling on Arista VRF


      UDT polling of an Arista router using VRFs is not working for me.  I've tried using snmpv3 and v2 with no success.  The only results UDT gets are for the default VRF.  I've gone through the posts here with no success.  Here is my config on the switch:


      snmp-server view v1default iso included

      snmp-server community v2test ro

      snmp-server group groupv3 v3 auth read v1default

      snmp-server user snmpv3 groupv3 v3 auth md5 *****

      no snmp-server vrf default

      snmp-server vrf THEVRF


      Polling from a linux box using v3 and the context THEVRF works fine. I get results I expect.  Polling with v2 is the same from a linux box.  However from UDT I get nothing but the default VRF arp tables. Even using UDT Compatibility Checker fails to see the vrfs.


      Has anyone had success with UDT and Arista VRFs?  Any, suggestions?