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    vCenter VM Migration


      Hello everyone,


      Would like your feed back. We migrated from vCenter01 to vCenter02, but now some of the virtualization assets don't show that the VMs moved to vCenter02 in Orion. Do we have to performed some type of re-Discovery?


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          I have the same question. Just been advised that some of our vCenters will be upgraded, no concern there, but one will be replaced by a new vCenter entirely. The Hosts and vms under it will be migrated in to this new vCenter.


          The ESX Hosts and VMs are in Orion generally as nodes in their own right, but how will the vMAN information gleaned from vCenter tie in, will it re-associate automatically once the host or vm has moved across to the new vCenter or will manual action or even a delete and re-do of the nodes be required losing all history?