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    Resource with stale info - how to clean up?


      Hi, all.  I'm trying to figure out how to clean up a view resource that has old and/or useless data in it.


      Back in the mists of time, I created a resource named "HP Disks (cpqDaPhyDrvStatus)" which, as you may have guessed from the name, shows the SNMP status of physical disks in HP servers.


      Problem 1 with it is that it has stale info - servers that either have been switched to WMI monitoring, or never should've showed up in it in the first place (VMs).




      Any idea how to clean it up to get rid of the servers that shouldn't be in there?


      Problem 2 with it is that, in trying to find it to mess with... i can't.  I can't add it as a resource to a view, since it doesn't show up in the resource picker, even from a view it was in before.  I removed it from a view that had it, and can't re-add it.  I already tried rebuilding the website (Configuration Wizard --> Website --> NextNextNext) but that didn't help.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.