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    Custom resource to combine multiple custom pollers?


      I'm trying to repurpose a Sensatronics EM1 to monitor various temperatures in my data center. I'd like to put together a custom resource to list all 4 of the interfaces I am monitoring with custom pollers. I cant seem to put my finger on how to combine multiple custom pollers into a single resource.


      I have the pollers created and they are working. I just cant figure out how to get all 4 into the same resource window. I have a similar window that aggregates all of my server room location temps across my enterprise, but they are very simple as they all use the same custom poller. (the same interface across multiple devices instead of multiple pollers on one device)


      Any suggestions?  I'm also open to tweaking the custom poller to poll 4 different OIDs in the same device under a single poller if that is possible.