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    Can you automatically add discovered interfaces to servers that use WMI polling when using PowerOrion PowerShell module?


      Am new to the SolarWinds API / PowerOrion module.


      We are running the latest version of NPM v12 and latest version of SAM v6.2.4 and the latest version of PowerOrion / SDK from GitHub.


      We can easily add nodes in bulk using the powerorion module but by default this doesn't add any of the discovered interfaces.


      Is there a way to programatically add discovered or select discovered interfaces / resources of windows server nodes added to SolarWinds that use WMI polling method? There is a commandlet called Add-OrionDiscoveredInterfaces but this generates 'InvalidNode', it seems that this is only for SNMP polling methods?


      It seems that there is something lacking in the API for this and probably a major ommision but the GUI can do this so not sure why the API can't?


      Any help would be greatly appriciated