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    Upload bulk Nodes


      Hi Can anyone help how to upload csv or xml in Orion.




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          Unfortunately, you cannot.  I just had to add over 1000 ICMP only nodes recently, believe me I wish there was.

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            I think the closest functionality to that would be creating a discovery profile that doesn't have any credentials, and set it not to ignore nodes that respond to ICMP only. When creating a discovery profile, on the first 'Network' tab, you can add a list of IP addresses copied directly from excel. This can be your list of 1000 IP addresses or so from your CSV document. Not sure if this is something you're already doing but this seems like currently the fastest way to achieve what you want. Then you could simply edit this discovery profile and put in new IP addresses once they've been imported.


            Hope this helps!


            NPM 12 does have the ability to automatically add discovered nodes and start monitoring them -- the downside (sorry) is it won't do it with ICMP only nodes.