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    Plugin "VNQM Business Layer" failed to start


      Sometime after installing NPM12 RC2 the search voice calls resource failed to produce any calls. The telecom guys do not use this everyday so it was two weeks or so before they brought it to my attention. If I change the Call Time field to the last 30 days it shows calls from May 31 and earlier but no calls since then. I then checked the logs and was able to see the CDR data was being received by the call manager still. This unfortunately coincides with the application of NPM-RC2 and the RC 2 modules, I had previously upgraded to RC1 releases; however that may be just  coincidental.


      Last night I installed the final release version (4.2.4) hoping that it would resolve this problem. Unfortunately it did not, however I did notice the following error message

      Plugin "VNQM Business Layer" failed to start on [server] Please restart the Module Engine service on [server]

      it instructed me to restart the module service engine, which I did at least twice and it simply caused the error to repeat each time.


      I opened a case with support but was wondering if anyone here had previously run into this message and could give suggestions of things to check while i await a response from support. I am running Solarwinds Diagnostic tool right now to see if it is able to determine anything helpful.