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    Solarwinds IPAM vs Microsoft IPAM...


      I am hoping someone can help me out here please.


      I'm interested in the Solarwinds IPAM but wonder how it measures up against the IPAM that Microsoft offer as part of Windows Server 2012 R2 (as a Role).

      Anyone used the Microsoft one? or both?


      Much appreciated

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          I just purchased SW IPAM after trying to use MS IPAM.  The biggest issue I have with MS IPAM is it feels disconnected.  By disconnected, I mean you enter information then push to DNS or DHCP.  It feels more like a Spreadsheet UI.  I did try the MS IPAM 2016 version.  It fixed some of the issues with the 2012 version.  Still just doesn't feel right. 


          SW IPAM is integrated in a much better fashion. 


          Technically you push or pull with SW IPAM.  The experience is much better and feels like you have more control.  Our environment is mainly nonMS.


          Best summary is MS IPAM is technically free.  Having tried both I chose to spend the money for SW IPAM.

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              Hi ccit-spence,


              That is exactly the feedback I was looking for, thanks for taking the time to reply.


              Going on what I have seen from images, I do agree that SW does look more intuitive and easier to control whereas the MS one does keep to the MS layout for everything right now.

              I am going to trial MS IPAM later this week so we will see how it goes.



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              I started using the MS IPAM (2012) until I could get something that really manages and tracks IP's.  It's been a disappointment.  The interface is pretty horrible, and determining what you have is a real issue.  You  are still connected to the MMC for tracking down a MAC, making CHANGES is very difficult.  Adding new IP's is ok as long as you don't mind doing it one at a time, but if you need to change the DNS name then 'good luck'! I would recommend it in a "green field" IP situation over spreadsheets but using it to make sense of an existing environment is not as useful I think.  It really only gives you a glimpse into the IP Scope POOL, and not the subnet.


              I have only just started using the Solarwinds IPAM (v4.3) and it seems just 'ok'.  It does give excellent insight into what's on a subnet and adding the subnets, scopes and servers was pretty easy (we have over 20 servers, 6000 IP's and 70ish scopes that we are tracking) but adding a new reservation is something I haven't figured out how to do, yet and I'm not sure what marking an IP as used would do for me on the back-end.