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    Where do I configure credentials?


      Yeah, noob question...

      We have IVIM 2.1.1, NPM 11.5.3, SAM 6.2.3, etc and the VMAN appliance. I have integrated them.

      There are places to enter ESX credentials in iVIM/Orion and on the appliance.

      After reading the Admin Guide, I'm still not clear...

      Where do I add the credentials to? To I have to do both sides? Are credentials shared between Orion and the Appliance?



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          Add the credentials in the VMAN appliance. When you integrate with Orion it will use the VMAN credentials.  Service release 2 for VMAN and VIM resolve some of the integration issues that were occurring when admins configured both virtual devices and credentials on the appliance and VIM.

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