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    Modify Search Results Output


      Is it possible to change the columns displayed in the search results?  I would like to change the column from Total Storage to Capacity (essentially eliminating extra storage due to Snapshots.

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          you can change the last column when you choose the "Pick Sorting Field" option in "Advanced Search":

          The newly chosen sorting field is active until you perform a search query over different node type (VM, Host, Cluster, ..) or sort the records by another column.

          There are several ways to preserve the sort field:

          1) save the query; when you load the search query you'll get also the Sorting field

          2) create a Top-N widget. On the "Query" tab select the Sort Field. Then you can go to the Search module through one click ("View All" button):


          Does it help?

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            Thank you.  That helps a lot.