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    Generic Critical Trap for IBM 840 Flash


      Can anyone tell me what the following trap error means?


      Desc: Generic Critical Trap

      Details: identifierType = 0

      identifier = 16 moduleName = mod.sys.smis.Smis message = Both sercure/unsecure WBEMClient connection failed:  Unable to connect

      Source: Tek Tools


      We are currently unable to monitor our IBM 840 Flash systems.  A couple months ago we had limited monitoring capability, but it suddenly stopped.  I believe it's due to a change the SAN administrator made, but I can't confirm it.  I no longer get a response from the provider when I "diagnose problem".

      I have verified the firewall ports are open on both the Windows server and the network firewall.


      Currently running SRM 6.2.


      Thank you,