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    Store and Forward in Solarwinds NPM (SNMP Trap)


      We can take an action from Solarwinds Advanced alerts, where we can configure in Trigger Action to send SNMP traps to third party tool(Netcool).


      Is there any provision to store the traps on demand, and forward the same traps on demand. (Store and Forward)  ## this is in case of connectivity failure, and to avoid loss of alerts

      Please suggest

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          Vinay BY

          connectivity failure between Solarwinds and Netcool ?

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            Vinay BY

            Solarwinds does not have a store and forward on demand but then it will always retain the alerts in it, if issue is still present then the alert would be active.


            1. If you are talking about Loss of alerts when there is a connectivity failure between Solarwinds - Netcool , you just have to capture the time from what time to what time there was a connectivity issue.

            2. Get onto Solarwinds go to active alerts screen , select and clear all alerts that occurred during that time, it would re-trigger the alerts to netcool for active issues but remember there is a problem here, when an alert is re-triggered it would have the latest time stamp and not the previous one.