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    Netpath not discovering nodes


      I just got a trial of NPM running over the weekend to evaluate. The feature I am most interested in at this time is NetPath, so once running, I set up some NetPath services.


      There is the one that seems to be added by default for www.google.com, as well as the ones I added, however, all but one are showing no hops and 1ms to destination, as if it is on the same local network. The one that appears to be working properly has a detailed view of all the hops associated with the route.


      Does anyone have any idea why all but the one don't appear to be working right, even though they report that they have been polling?

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          It looks like I figured it out. It would seem that my Watchguard proxy was interfering with it. The route that was working was the device at the other end of my VPN, so it was a trusted device and not subject to the proxy (The probe is not going over the VPN). When I added my NPM server to the exempt from proxy list, things started populating properly.

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