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    Lost Dell Hardware monitoring

    trilobite rex

      Don't know if anyone else has encountered this but here goes.


      In NPM we have this handy little pie chart.  So when attempting to fix the undefined nodes, I check the snmp settings on the server in question and find that the physical as well as the datalink and subnetworks checkboxes have been cleared.


      So I re-check them, restart the snmp service and proceed into NPM. 


      I list the resources but the hardware check box is missing from the list. 


      I have tried re-adding the pollers but it does me no good. 


      Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?

        • Re: Lost Dell Hardware monitoring

          Mine is like that as well. The physical and the Data link are unchecked..

          To get the Hardware sensors to work on a Dell,

          first download the Dell Open Management software,

          Then go to SNMP services on the server,,

          Set the security up. Then make sure you select SNMP instead of WMI as the polling method. Should be good to go. The Hardware sensor should show back up.