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    DWMRC - Smart card session - "run as" hangs or throws file system error


      I have DameWare Mini Remote Control version


      Following are the steps that lead to my problem:


      • Administrator remotely connects to target machine using smart card authentication while a user is already logged onto the target machine
        • The administrator is a member of the Administrators group on the target machine
      • On the target machine, the administrator performs a shift+right-click on compmgmt.msc (or another executable) and selects "run as different user"


      This is where the problems start.  On some machines the program opens fine.  On others, however, any one of the following quirky things will happen:


      • The screen darkens indefinitely and only Ctrl+Alt+Del will escape from this condition
      • The list of users' certificates to authenticate with appears and says "Reading smart card" indefinitely; again only Ctrl+Alt+Del will escape
      • A windows file system error appears:



      File system error (-1073740940)"


      On any given machine, the run as may work several times and then just start failing out of nowhere.  It's happening to many machines in the environment but sporadically and I haven't been able to find a pattern of where or why.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!